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Can I create multiple id with single Aadhar?

No, you can't create multiple ids

What if I do not receive payout?

We hope you haven't changed your bank account. Please send SMS with your login id to +91 9016812036 Or you have not yet sponsored 2 direct referrals

Can I attend multiple meditation session on same ticket?

No, you have to buy fresh tickets, (coming soon)

What if I do not have Aadhar card?

Sorry it is mandatory for registration

Can I submit pan card KYC later?

Yes, you must submit within 30 days of registration, the TDS without pan card is 20% and cannot be adjusted with retrospective effect

Can I change my account details?

Yes only one time you can edit name spelling, bank account details, pan card, mobile, email, but you can't change Aadhar number

Please enter name as it appears in Aadhar

I cannot see some details in my login?

Please clear browser cache/history and try again, if you still see the problem sms helpline with name and login ID.

My tree is not showing my whole upline and downline?

Since the plan works on auto fill method you will only see direct referrals in your tree.