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About Us

Consciousness World Wide (CWW) is an academy for meditation. An academy of creative science, art and consciousness. It is headquartered in Daman (INDIA), and is operational in many states of India. We aspire to go global in time to come and serve our associates worldwide.

CWW’s purpose is to help the masses find release from mental, health and financial stresses thus empowering them to lead a healthy life of peace and tranquility.

In the many workshops that will be conducted by experts in the field, people will feel the difference it makes to their lives when they are able to exercise control on the mind, body and their income. It will be an enlightenment when people realize that they can be in control of themselves and not be prisoners of circumstances and situations. This will help develop healthy relationships and thus an overall aura of peace around us.

CWW aims to inspire and encourage people making them to realize their true potential to fulfill their aspirations

CWW stands for Integrity, Commitment and Excellence and Unity. It has been steadfast in adhering to its business values and ethics as a result it has earned the trust of people in world. Now we plan to enlarge the scope and scale by creating a website that will enable anyone to enroll and even learn online and avail the benefits of the age old technique of meditation. The website will also host many audio visual aids to help people keep the learning updated and heal themselves.